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Los Angeles最佳加勒比海菜餐廳



(abeautifullife) Jamaican Kitchen餐廳的相片
• 牙買加菜 • Little Tokyo
(abeautifullife) Jamaican was founded in 2013. Our Culinary style draws from our Jamaican heritage with Asian & Indian influences.  Using generational family recipes as our guide, we take our guests on a culinary journey with exuberant & bright flavors. At our Second Location, (abeautifullife) Jamaican Kitchen, we have expanded our vision with farm to table ingredients which are sustainably sourced. Here, we have crafted a culinary sweet spot that reimagines modern Jamaican cuisine through a prism of playful sophistication. Curating a space where the energy of Downtown LA, and a calm Caribbean breeze collide. Mixing up cocktails that takes you on an Island vacation, enhanced by the sounds of our Resident Djs spinning Hip Hop Dancehall, and Reggae. From the moment you walk into the space you are transported to the cozy confines of our family's living room, with inviting textures & a welcoming crew that invites you to become a part of our ever-unfolding story, & our extended family.
Status Hollywood餐廳的相片
• 加勒比海菜 • Hollywood
Elevated Pan-Caribbean Cuisine in a stylish, upscale environment.
Taste of the Caribbean LA餐廳的相片
• 加勒比海菜 • Hollywood
Taste of the Caribbean LA is a caribbean restaurant located in the heart of Los Angeles, California offering the best tastes and smells of the Caribbean with our authentic dishes. Our chef Bernard James brings diverse flavors of the Caribbean to every dish he creates. Originally from the South American country of Guyana, which has strong cultural connections to the Caribbean, Bernard has been immersed in West Indian food and cooking since his childhood. Taste of the Caribbean is LA’s new hottest after-hours spot every night. We are open until 4 am Wednesday to Saturday, giving the restaurant a huge advantage over competitors by offering a late after-hours option for LA residents to eat food after events, club life, and late-night work shifts.Signature Dish: Spicy and Savory Jerk Chicken Dinner with Garlic Honey Sauce over a bed of Rice and Beans with a side of steamed cabbage with peppers, carrots and onions. Outdoor 2-Top Seating Available
Hilltop Jamaican Market & Restaurant A1餐廳的相片
• 牙買加菜 • Pomona
Transport your taste buds to Jamaica at Hilltop Jamaican Restaurant & Market, nestled in the heart of Downtown Pomona. Every day, we invite you to savor the rich and vibrant flavors of Jamaica through our delectable Jamaican classics, and on weekends, treat yourself to a unique Jamaican brunch experience that will make you feel like you're on a tropical getaway.But the real gem of our menu is our freshly made "Mamas Patty," a Jamaican patty crafted with love and care right in our own kitchen. It's a mouthwatering bite of authentic Jamaican cuisine that you won't find anywhere else.Choose your dining ambiance: opt for outdoor seating where you can enjoy the fresh air and vibrant street scenes of Downtown Pomona, or step into our newly renovated dining room, designed for your comfort and pleasure.
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